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Following a successful debut at the London Prepares Series in 2011, four British Champions from “Jump Rope UK”, Beci Dale, Rachael Dale, Laura Summers and Gemma McGhee, have been given the honour to demonstrate the sport at the 2012 London Olympics as top performers. The girls, along with eight other elite Jump Rope stars from all over the world, have been invited to perform during the complete period of the event.
The elite Jump Rope group “GET TRICKY” will take four weeks from their increasingly busy schedules to showcase the skill of Jump Rope on the highest platform. Team Manager Sue Dale has spent months coordinating the British Champions along with teammates Nick Woodard and Robbie Csonstos (Hot Dog USA); Joe Edney and Ted Lehman (Bouncing Bulldogs USA); twins Wouter and Willem Tack, and Jonas Vermeulen (Recrean Belgium); and Vivien Vajda (Hungary) to choreograph a number of performances to wow the unsuspecting crowd. The group is honoured to represent the growing International Jump Rope community at the 2012 London Olympics.
The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) are currently putting the finishing touches on plans to host the “GET TRICKY” stars.

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