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How to Climb a Rope

Do you need to do the rope climb in gym? Or do you just want to get better at climbing a rope for fun or exercise? Follow these instructions and with some care and concentration, you’ll be making your way up the rope in no time.

Wrap the rope around one leg and pinch it between your feet

1 – Grab the rope with both hands above your head.

2 – Pull down on the rope while jumping a bit and you will be lifted into the air.

3 – Wrap the rope around one leg, and use your feet to pinch the rope, thus anchoring yourself.

4 – Reach up as high as possible with your arms (some say no higher than your nose), and grip the rope tightly.

5 – Release the rope from your feet. Using your abdominals, bring your knees up to your chest. Re-secure your feet on the rope.

6 – Stand up with your legs, and re-reach as high as possible with your arms.

7 – Repeat the inch-worm process until the top of the rope has been reached.

8 – Loosen the grip of your feet on the rope when coming down. Support your weight evenly between your feet and hands, slide your feet down and place hand-over-hand on the way down.

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